ReBuilder Medical

ReBuilder Medical produces a safe and effective neuropathy treatment medical device called “The ReBuilder”. Created by world-renowned inventor Dr. David Phillips, The ReBuilder has helped change the lives of many patients suffering from invasive pain and numbness. This groundbreaking medical device was invented as a drug-free alternative to traditional pain treatments, to combat the negative side effects associated with peripheral nerve damage. Many patients who are not aware of this electronic treatment likely rely on neuropathy drugs such as Neurontin, Lyrica, and Cymbalta. These drugs temporarily mask pain by stopping the nerve signals from reaching the brain.

ReBuilder Medical recognizes that these drugs can cause an individual to gradually develop numbing sensations in the feet, which may lead to a dangerous fall. Luckily the ReBuilder attacks pain and numbness with a much better approach, retraining nerve paths to carry messages from the patient’s foot to his or her brain.

Patients looking to gain access to this technology can choose from two medical devices:

  • The ReBuilder 300: The ReBuilder 300 is a fast and simple device that incorporates a single output with a single knob that individuals may use to control intensity. A 9-volt battery powers this ReBuilder Medical device.

  • The ReBuilder 2407: The ReBuilder 2407 has two outputs in order to treat the feet and hands simultaneously, or one’s back and feet simultaneously. Unlike The ReBuilder 300, this model comes with a plug-in wall transformer that increases power by 33%.

In order to use The ReBuilder 300 or The ReBuilder 2407 the individual hooks up the device to one of three products: conductive socks, conductive gloves, or a footbath. Each device includes an indicator light that lights up when a test signal is sent out. This signal represents the most common waveform for healthy peripheral nerves. Another way for an individual to understand how the ReBuilder Medical device works is to think of it as a pacemaker for the peripheral nerves’ electrical signals.

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Holiday Exxon

Holiday Exxon is a family-owned business that provides high-quality automotive care to the Charlottesville, Virginia area and its surrounding communities. Since its establishment in 1988, Holiday Exxon has consistently delivered professional foreign and domestic vehicle repair services under Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) guidelines. This automotive care provider understands that a vehicle is a major investment, which is why it takes pride in employing quality ASE certified technicians to work with the latest automotive technology. Customers have come to expect high quality service from the serve center’s technicians because they uphold a strict code of ethics while completing all vehicle repairs. As a certified National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA) AutoCare Center, Holiday Exxon and its service technicians adhere to the NAPA Code of Ethics:

  • Performing high quality diagnostic and repair service at a fair price using quality Napa parts
  • Focusing efforts towards customer satisfaction
  • Exercising reasonable care for the customer’s property while in the automotive care provider’s possession
  • Obtaining prior authorization and providing a price estimate for work performed
  • Providing a system for fair settlement of customer complaints should they occur
  • Maintaining the highest standards of the profession
  • Upholding the integrity of all members of the NAPA AutoCare Program

The firm’s commitment to the NAPA Code of Ethics is just one benefit of using this trusted name for automotive repair. As an affiliate of an established national entity, this family-owned business understands that professionalism and quality service is the key to customer satisfaction.

Holiday Exxon also helps put consumer minds at ease by offering the NAPA AutoCare “Peace of Mind” warranty, which supplies a 12 month/ 12,000-miles worry-free protection guarantee on qualifying parts and labor. If looking for a quality automotive maintenance service center that offers the benefits of working with a large company and the personal touch of working with a family-owned business, simply turn to the professionals at Holiday Exxon.

Dr. Luciano Sztulman

Dr. Luciano Sztulman owns and operates Providence Hair Restoration Center and Skinsational Laser Center in New England. He serves the Providence, Rhode Island area and specializes in highly advanced cosmetic laser techniques including fiberoptic, minimal scar, and endoscopic laser techniques in the fields of gynecology, aesthetics, and minimal scar cosmetic gynecology surgery.

Dr. Luciano Sztulman is also a Board Certified physician trainer and focuses on teaching medical professionals the minimally invasive NeoGraft Follical Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. Under his surveillance, physicians are able to treat patients by performing this scar-less tissue transplant procedure. Dr. Luciano Sztulman pairs his technical mastery of surgical instruments with a uniquely personal approach. His professional success is therefore a testament to his extensive clinical knowledge, and the fact that he regards each individual’s needs as a top priority.  Dr. Luciano Sztulman also credits his strong work ethic, which allowed him to establish two medical practices, for his overall success. He is also an accomplished author and medical broadcaster.

Dr. Luciano Sztulman began his medical career once he completed his residency training at the prestigious Maimonides Medical Center. Since completing his residency, he has stayed active in the professional medical community by educating and learning from other physicians. He maintains membership in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons and the American College of OBGYN (FACOG), and completed a fellowship with the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Dr. Luciano Sztulman was also recently invited to present his original techniques at the 50th Annual ACOG meeting held by the American College of OBGYN.

When Dr. Luciano Sztulman is not diligently working at his clinics, he educates medical students as the Chief of Gynecology at Roger Williams Medical Center, an award winning medical facility affiliated with Boston University. Dr. Luciano Sztulman currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife and two daughters. Learn more about Dr. Luciano Sztulman here.

Providence Hair Restoration Center

Providence Hair Restoration Center is New England’s leader in precision hair restoration. This clinical practice is dedicated entirely to providing personalized solutions designed to delay and treat hair loss. The clinic’s team of licensed medical professionals rely on their extensive medical expertise to devise suitable treatments for patients at any stage of hair loss. Once patients experience the staff’s attentive, personalized, one-on-one attention, they instantly feel comfortable.

The team of highly skilled physicians is committed to operating under each of the following values:

  • Understanding all patients’ needs
  • Improving efficiency in all departments
  • Using teamwork to provide seamless patient care
  • Delivering clinical excellence
  • Providing care and respect, not only for patients but also for each other
  • Maintaining financial viability, thereby securing patients’ future needs
  • Engaging talented staff and professional consultants
  • Providing state-of-the-art technology

Providence Hair Restoration Center also seeks to educate patients about their specific diagnoses and the general causes of hair loss. Since genetic predisposition plays a vital role in hair loss, it is common for men and women to inherit the loss of hair from either one or both of their parents. In many cases, the hair begins to shed progressively over time, with age of onset and hormonal changes influencing the rate of hair loss. Other contributing factors include malnourishment, use of chemicals, hair braiding, and severe illness. Hair loss currently affects over 35 million men and 21 million women in the U.S. alone.

Board Certified surgeon Dr. Luciano Sztulman founded Providence Hair Restoration Center and currently serves as the clinic’s Medical Director. His expertise with state-of-the-art technology allows him to perform Ultra-refined Follicular Unit Hair Restoration, which is the golden standard in natural hair restoration surgeries. Dr. Luciano Sztulman and his team use their extensive medical knowledge at Providence Hair Restoration Center to provide world-class service while fulfilling patient hair restoration needs. Learn more about Providence Hair Restoration Center by visiting their website.

Skinsational Laser Center

Skinsational Laser Center is a premier Rhode Island and Massachusetts aesthetics practice that combines years of experience in aesthetic and laser skin treatments. This unique aesthetics practice specializes in laser hair removal; Dermal fillers facial rejuvenation (including Juvaderm, Perlane, and Restylane derm fillers); Cellulite and Mesotherapy treatment; Botox; and other laser aesthetic procedures.

At Skinsational Laser Center, the medical doctor is always directly involved with an individual’s treatment whereas other clinics might have someone work off-site in a “supervised” position. Physicians will personally conduct a physical examination and hormonal evaluation before starting a treatment plan, in order to ensure patient health and answer any questions. This approach is one example of the special care and personal guidance that Skinsational Laser Center is known for.

Skinsational Laser Center uses technology that is considered among the very best because of its long history of safety and effectiveness for all skin types. By using the “gold standard” in the laser industry, physicians can rapidly treat large areas of the skin without encountering the limitations seen when working with older technologies. For example, the laser system at Skinsational Laser Center has a longer wavelength, allowing safer operations on patients with light, dark, or tanned skin. Patients can also rest assured they are receiving the finest options for skin therapy through Newport Cosmeceuticals and Babor Cosmetics, the most advanced technology treatments available in the country.

Board Certified surgeon and laser expert Dr. Luciano Sztulman currently serves as the Medical Director for Skinsational Laser Center. As a highly acclaimed physician, he presides over each medical procedure with a steady hand and keen eye, instantly putting his patient’s mind at ease. His completion of thousands of successful laser treatment surgeries on both men and women helps Dr. Luciano Sztulman teach his medical staff how to deliver precision aesthetic treatments to all patients. For world-class aesthetic care in the heart of Providence, turn to the specialists at Skinsational Laser Center.

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Dr. Kevin Hornsby

Dr. Kevin Hornsby was raised in rural Dothan, Alabama where he spent most of his time performing hard, physical labor. He uses his disciplined work ethic, which evolved from working in a labor-intensive environment, to manage his medical clinics. As the Founder and Medical Director of the Men’s Medical Clinics, Dr. Kevin Hornsby specializes in treating male patients suffering from issues of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. He currently operates in eight states across the United States: Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, and Georgia. His success in the medical field to help patients overcome these sexual irregularities would not have been possible without his world-class education.



Dr. Kevin Hornsby began his undergraduate medical training after his UPS job gave him the funds to enroll at Auburn University. He went on to further his education by enrolling at the University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB) medical school to obtain his M.D. Shortly after, Dr. Kevin Hornsby became Chief Resident at UAB Hospital, where he honed his bedside manner and medical skills. In 1998 he received his board certification. Before he became Board Certified, however, Dr. Kevin Hornsby was given the opportunity to work for UAB’s erectile dysfunction clinical trial. He and the rest of the university staff experimented with 180 medical blends designed to treat erectile dysfunction. This research spurred his interest in treating male sexual irregularities. Once he gained sufficient medical knowledge of men’s sexual health, he established the Men’s Medical Clinics.

Men’s Medical Clinic

Dr. Kevin Hornsby’s clinics boast a 98% success rate. These positive results stem from the 180 different medical blends that he, along with UAB, worked to perfect. At his clinics Dr. Kevin Hornsby uses these treatments for male prostate health conditions ranging from erectile dysfunction to premature ejaculation. Today the Men’s Medical Clinic treats males of all ages, including patients aged between 21 and 93. He uses precision dosing to help them achieve erections in 45, 60, and 90 minute intervals. Dr. Kevin Hornsby’s ultimate goal is for his patients to have an erection before they leave the clinic, giving them the confidence they need for a healthier sex life.

Learn more about Dr. Kevin Hornsby on his website.

Minneapolis Men’s Medical Clinic

Minnesota Men’s Medical Clinic is revolutionizing the way today’s medical professionals are examining male sexual irregularities. The clinic typically sees men between ages 35 and 85 who suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual irregularity in which men are unable to achieve or sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. This condition can also stem from vascular disease, chronic illnesses, poor blood flow to the penis, and over-consumption of alcohol. Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates sooner than he or his partner prefer during sexual intercourse. Men experience premature ejaculation due to anxiety, guilt, too much stimulation, and other psychological factors.

Dr. Kevin Hornsby is the Founder and Medical Director of Minnesota Men’s Medical Clinic, which helps male patients overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. He became interested in treating these disorders while attending UAB Medical School in Birmingham, Alabama. Near the end of his residency, Dr. Kevin Hornsby was invited to work on an erectile dysfunction clinic trial at UAB in which a new blend of erectile dysfunction treatments were tested. Minnesota Men’s Medical Clinic prescribes these same treatments to patients today.

Physicians at the Minnesota Men’s Medical Clinic consider the patient’s medical history before recommending a treatment. The patient’s prescription is selected from an array of 180 custom blended FDA approved medications that are proven to be fast, easy, and virtually painless. Physicians at Minnesota Men’s Medical Clinic formulate specific treatment plans that ensure better results and patient safety, while generic medications combine ingredients and can produce negative side effects. These physicians will also take into account the patient’s preexisting conditions and drugs he is taking before making a recommendation. By taking this targeted approach, physicians are able to ensure the clinic’s treatments will not interact with drugs the patient is already taking to produce harmful side effects. These treatments are not only safer but also more effective, as the Minnesota Men’s Medical Clinic boasts a 98% success rate.

Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers

Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers is a full service jewelry store located in Virginia Beach, Virginia providing customized jewelry for every special occasion.  The store’s personalized jewelry service, quality, and workmanship are highly praised among regular customers. John and Lesley Fedida established Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers at the Military Circle Mall in 1980 before moving to Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach five years later. Over the years, Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers added some of the most popular designers in the jewelry industry such as Gabriel & Co, Allison Kaufman, and Denny Wong.

Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers also carries a variety of popular fashion jewelry. Recently, Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers began offering a new line of bracelets, necklaces, and beads by CHAMILIA, which allows personalization to reflect individual style. The store’s jewelers are experts when it comes to helping customers enhance their personal style. The Custom Design Center inside the store provides the option of personalizing jewelry to fit customer demands.  Jewelry can be customized to requested specifications so that each piece is a unique representation of customer style. The desire for personalization is significant for brides wishing to find the perfect ring for their wedding day. Every bride has the advantage of flipping through the online catalogue in order to preview rings before walking into the store. Once the bride arrives, Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers can customize her engagement ring to be unlike any other. Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers also appeals to men’s style with their exclusive line of high quality watches including the Luminox Navy Seal. Both men and women will have a field day choosing from the wide selection of jewelry and accessories.

This jewelry store also specializes in repairing jewelry, from family heirlooms to the latest gold and silver creations. Customers who visit Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers will treasure their one-of-a-kind jewelry for years to come. Learn more about Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers by visting their webpage or Facebook.

Equiso Smart TV

Equiso Smart TV is a unique and revolutionary product that allows customers to turn their normal plasma television into a Smart TV. By plugging in the Equiso Smart TV flash drive, consumers are able to connect to the internet, and use an interactive, gesture remote to refine their television experience. Equiso Smart TV owners can then utilize their television to do all of the things they do on their PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, including watch 1080p HD videos on Netflix, display a Powerpoint, post a status update to Facebook, and even play Angry Birds. The Equiso Smart TV experience is possible thanks to two innovative devices:

1.4 HDMI 1080p Port

Equiso Smart TV allows for on-the-go usage as owners must simply Plug ‘N Play. The three step process begins with the 1.4 HDMI 1080p Port, which allows consumers to directly plug into any TV, monitor, or projector. Once the device is plugged in, any machine can become a Smart TV free of wires or additional hardware. The device contains a USB port on the back, so that users can connect a keyboard, mouse, or external hard drive. A Mali 400 graphics processor supports 3D gaming, while HD video viewing is possible with the inclusion of a Wireless N radio reaching speeds of up to 250 MB.

A Remote Like No Other

The two-sided Equiso Smart TV remote enables life-like interactions with the Smart TV. One side includes soft-touch buttons for easy navigation while the reverse boasts a QWERTY keyboard so that users do not have to type words letter-by-letter with arrows. The remote is set to sense how the user is holding the remote, so that the keyboard is disabled when the user has flipped the phone to the other side. The remote is powered via a USB 2.0 micro and includes a 2.4 wireless receiver. Advanced accelerometers and gyros are in place to sense the user’s movements.

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36 Hamilton Rd

36 Hamilton Rd. is nestled in the historical town of Irvington, New York, which is conveniently located just north of the city of Yonkers and 20 miles from Times Square. 36 Hamilton Rd. is situated in an affordable living community with an award-winning school district and is a steal for any family wanting to escape to a quieter part of the Tri-State region. Families can choose from one of six luxurious apartment spaces, which each include a private lawn, deck, and outdoor patio. Residents will notice how aesthetically pleasing 36 Hamilton Rd. is by glancing at the beautiful landscape and large circular driveway leading to freshly painted garage doors.

Inside 36 Hamilton Rd., each apartment includes its own personal kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, laundry machine, and two full baths. The complex also contains newly installed hardwood floors in all dining room areas, giving them a more traditional feel. The dining areas are spacious enough to hold a large table for six, allowing room for an entire family. In each kitchen there are newly installed stainless steel and all-black appliances that contrast perfectly against dark wooden cabinets. While the master bathroom contains white tile and glass showers, the guest bathrooms are covered in ceramic tile with a pattern that complements the color of the wooden cabinets. Each newly renovated apartment differs in size, but all apartment bathrooms have enough vanity space for guests.

Once outside the apartment complex, residents can catch a glimpse of the gray-stone patio and large backyard. Residents will notice plenty of lawn space for families with children and residents hosting major events.

36 Hamilton Rd. has multiple entrances so  families can directly enter the apartment complex after parking their cars in the spacious garage, without having to worry about too many cars in the driveway. This keeps guests in their own designated spaces to ensure resident privacy.

Families seeking their next home will surely enjoy the wealth of luxury and privacy these apartment complexes have to offer. Learn more about 36 Hamilton Rd. on their webpage.

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